Hi, my name (as you may have guessed) is Coty. I’m also known as ‘csutherl’ around the internet…yeah, it’s not a very cool nickname (or even easily pronounceable) but it stuck 🙁

I’m a Software Engineer working for an awesome company called Red Hat. Red Hat is most known for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system, but I don’t work on the core OS. I mainly focus on packaging tomcat (and sometimes httpd, some httpd modules, and openssl) which is an RPM distribution of Apache Tomcat.

This blog will include various topics about myself, mostly centered around programming. I’m hoping to build my personal brand by sharing my knowledge here with others and also hope that I’ll help build the communities that I’m involved with.

Anyone interested in my current gaming rig/workstation (it has a secondary SSD with Kali on it) can find my pcpartpicker list here. I may write a post about building it at some point as it was my first actual full build.