All Things Open (ATO) Conference 2013!

I wanted to document some of the talks that I attended at the first All Things Open conference with a quick post. This was the first conference that I had the pleasure of attending for work and it was awesome! The community members from the various projects that I’m involved with and the speakers were very welcoming of conversation. I didn’t take any notes other than items I found interesting in the few bullet points listed below.

Day One

  • Python for the Enterprise – Jessica McKellar
  • Rspec Workshop – Carlos Souza
  • We the People: Open Source, Open Data – Leigh Heyman
  • GitHub Workshop Part 2 – Scott Chacon

Day Two

  • API Centric Applications Development: The Silver Bullet Meets the Perfect Storm? – Joe Stagner
  • Maintaining Sanity – Nathaniel Talbott
    • Hub with git am and rebase options
  • Designing JavaScript APIs – Jonathan Leblanc
  • Jumpstart with Lucene and Solr Search – John Berryman
  • The Past, Present, and Future of Asynchrony in Node.js – Jeremy Martin

All of these talks were really awesome and very informative. The keynotes on both days were great highlights about Open Source Software in general and basically that we all (we being the open source software community) need to step it up and really start working together to bring in new talent and increase the value that we all can bring to the community.

If you have any questions about the talks that I attended, please do not hesitate to ask 🙂

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